Regardless if you are self-employed and work out of your home or are the smallest office in town, your presence on the Internet is essential. Over 6 million new consumers a month are joining the Internet roller coaster. The internet is replacing the casual window shopper. To price shop customers no longer need to drive from store to store, traffic is a inconvenience of the past. Everything from buying an item to decorate your home to the home itself is advertised and sold online.

Today, all that is needed to get the best price globally is a computer and an internet connection.

Once you are on the Internet, your business becomes a global contender. Your products and services suddenly become available to a customer in Canada, Mexico or even England. Potential customers are limitless.

Imagine the cost of running your operation around the clock around the world.. having three to four work shifts a day—think of the operational costs and liability! With your company or office having an online presence a customer can still browse through your store and/or explore your services, place an order and cash out! All this while your store or office is closed!

Regardless of the size of your operation, on the internet, all that matters is that you have what the visitor needs and they get it when they want it.

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