To meet your full potential, your presence on the Internet is crucial. Deciding on a design company to create a website is becoming increasingly difficult. With the options of "build your own site" type services and templates on HTML editor programs it can entice many to go that approach. You know the sites we are talking about... big bold font, a lot of exclamation marks, animated images fighting each other for your attention and cheesy effects seen in dozens of thousands of pages out there on the Internet.

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It takes a professional to know the fundamentals of design, the proper use of typography, colors, careful balance of layout and the rules of how much content and scrolling will appeal to visitors that hiring a design firm will bring to your project and image. Your web site needs to be more than a series of clever effects and technical wizardry, it needs to convey the right message. It represents you, your company or the service you provide.

An effective website must impress your current and past audience, attract new ones, be simple yet focused, full of content you want to channel, but surprisingly easy to navigate. Above all, it needs to retain the visitors curiosity while at the same time selling you.

A website that is full of flashy and moving objects while very eye appealing to some is more intimidating to the average internet user. The end result is the typical visitor leaves. A careful balance of colors, content, graphics and layout is what we promise to our clients. We, at JDMIT, deliver a design that is a representation of you. It will embody all you want convey while applying all the fundamentals of design we believe in.

We make sure you are not left dangling with a poorly designed web site.

We offer two areas of web design—commercial and private sector. To read more on commercial websites, click here.


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